Urban Favourites 

Big Breakfast (GFO) 


2 free range eggs, sourdough toast, bacon, hash brown, grilled tomato, sautéed spinach, thyme mushrooms, chorizo & relish 

Avocado Smash (V, GFO) 


Avocado, lemon & sea salt smash, free range-poached egg, radish, cherry tomato, watercress leaves, mixed seeds, lime, feta & balsamic glaze on sourdough toast

Eggs Benedict (GFO )


2 poached free range eggs, streaky bacon, house-made hollandaise, bacon dust & rocket on toasted English muffin

Cauliflower & Corn Fritters (V)


w/ green chilli, broad beans, avocado smash, pickled red onion

Traditional Berry Pancakes (V)


Triple stack buttermilk pancakes, house-made berry compote, fresh berries, maple syrup & vanilla ice-cream

Salted Caramel Pancakes (V)


Buttermilk pancakes w/ honeycomb salted caramel crunch, banana, toasted almonds, ice-cream, coconut, caramel sauce

Eggs on Toast (V, GFO) 


2 free range eggs (poached / scrambled / fried) on sourdough or multi-grain 

+bacon [3.5]

Apple Crumble Porridge (V)


Coconut & cinnamon porridge, poached apple, sultanas, Greek honey yoghurt, Maple toasted oat clusters, chia & sunflower seeds

Vegie Breakfast (V, GFO) 


2 free range eggs, sourdough toast, grilled haloumi, zucchini fritters, grilled tomato, sautéed spinach, thyme mushrooms & house-made baked beans 

Chili Scrambled Eggs (GFO)


w/ chorizo, grilled haloumi, cherry tomato, fried spinach, house-made chilli jam, fresh chilli, sourdough toast

Smoked Salmon Florentine


2 poached free range eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, hollandaise, kale chips on toasted English muffin

Omelette with your choice of 3 fillings & sourdough toast


ham / bacon / mushroom / tomato / spinach / capsicum / onion / cheese 

Canadian Pancakes


Triple stack buttermilk pancakes w/ Canadian maple bacon, cinnamon butter & maple syrup

Breakfast Burger 


Free-range fried egg, bacon, tasty cheese & relish on toasted brioche bun 

Bircher Muesli (V)


House made coconut bircher muesli, poached pear, toasted granola, mixed berries, vanilla yoghurt


  • avocado / chorizo / grilled haloumi / smoked salmon / zucchini fritter


  • free range egg / sourdough toast / gluten free toast / English muffin 


  • bacon / sautéed spinach / hash brown / thyme mushrooms / grilled tomato / house-made baked beans 


  • house-made hollandaise / relish / chilli jam


From The Bakery

Ham & Cheese Croissant 


Toasted Banana Bread or Raspberry & Pear Loaf 


Toast with Spread (V, GFO) 


Sourdough, multi-grain, gluten free or croissant with your choice of: strawberry jam, vegemite, peanut butter or Nutella 

Fruit Toast (V)


With your choice of: strawberry jam or whipped cinnamon buter

Little Groovers Kid Under 12 

Kids Big Breakfast 


Free range fried egg, sourdough toast, bacon & house-made hash brown 

Mini Pancakes (V) 


With your choice of: maple syrup & ice-cream or Nutella 

Cheese Toastie (GFO) 


V - Vegetarian

GF - Gluten Free

GFO - Gluten Free Option Available

DFO - Dairy Free Option Available


Please request when ordering.

Please advise of any allergies and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.